Memebase satiated my dafuq quotient for today. I laughed way too hard at this… 

Gimme Pizza Slow (by philipmserious)

Galaxy Song (by MontyPython)

I’ve fulfilled my sap quotient for today. Tomorrow is a new day to waste more time forgetting today’s progress! Or, you know, to take a brisk walk in our brill Floridian weather or whatever.

Carl Sagan - You Are Here (Pale Blue Dot) [Sagan Time] (by pmylund)

  … Dots on a dot …

Lana Del Rey - Pawn Shop Blues (by mmmmarmar)

A damned sweetheart and a valid artist. I’m slowly becoming obsessed…

What the f**k kind of excuse do I have after this? Dude made me cry some wet, wet tears of shame.

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My 120 pound journey. (by delvis401)

 Inspirational. Found it on /r/loseit, and it led to a string of motivational videos on Youtube. I swear, Youtube and Reddit are such invaluable resources for human connection it’s cray.

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings


Gabriel Garcia-Marquez

This man’s mind is like a paint sponge in the way he absorbs the beauty of words and tenderly strokes their color into poetry…

My closest friend has always lauded him for his work and urged me to complete my neglected copy of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” for ages, so it’s quite embarrassing to be finally engaged by him through an ENC1102 lecture… but the minute he described moonlit sand as ‘powdered light’, I was gone. I felt an ethereal sense of intrigue, as if switching my Student function on, and ignored my regret for time in class ill-spent on disinterest and melancholia.

I am here to LEARN, and to quote another poet, “…that’s the Motto, nigga, YOLO.

Shoegaze may be drowsy, but it has its beautiful moments…

Airiel - In Yr Room (by celestialroad)

Knowing Ye and his theatrical ways, that’s probably blood…

Knowing Ye and his theatrical ways, that’s probably blood

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